As concerns about the protection of personal information are increasing worldwide, it is important that businesses, both small and large, implement and provide their site visitors with a comprehensive privacy policy.

All the content on this page is the property of the NZSA and has been since we last updating our site in 2010, as this is a new addition due to law established this year we must advise you the following.

We respect your privacy and will never share you information with anybody outside our Company. We will never ask you to give us your personal information unless we are doing business with you and you have sign a contract with us.

The Privacy Act 2020 (the Act) repeals and replaces the Privacy Act 1993. The Act strengthens privacy protections. It promotes early intervention and risk management by agencies (the name used for any organisation or person that handles personal information) and enhances the role of the Privacy Commissioner.Jul 1, 2020

The NZSA ( New Zealand Space Agency Limited.)

Respects this Act because we are a New Zealand Based Company & are subject to New Zealand Law.


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