Today 13/10/2020 I sent a letter to NASA to  and it reads like this below.

Hi, this is the director of the NZSA in New Zealand, I am an independent registered business running since 1992 and I have a question, what would you say to supporting my idea of lowering sea levels and helping slow down climate change by doing so as rising sea levels id say is a problem, at the same time my design for a space elevator will do this and also the water taken from the sea on earth can be transported to one of the moons creators , I also have a design that will terraform Mars into and living breathable planet using that sea water from earth, as well as a way to restore the magnetic properties of Mars to a atmospheres that will no longer vent into outer space as it is currently doing. If you want more on this please contact me.


Scott A Savage


NZSA ( New Zealand Space Agency Limited 1992)

43 Parsons Street

New Plymouth 4310

New Zealand


Phone 06 2811753   

I would say that after watching the NEWS in New Zealand of those who live on the west coast, they know that they are sinking into the ocean! what if they had more time from my idea to lower sea levels, that could bring hope but unless I get the support I need funding wise then I guess that will not happen, the Governments of the world do not care about people because if they did then they would be doing something about it. NOT GOOD ENOUGH

NASA have one interest in what they are doing and I would say that I will not here from them on this because they want this idea for themselves and ME, I do not care who wants to help as I think that we all should help this idea I have created, I have invented a new concept that can achieve these ideas to slow the sea rising and to transform Mars into a NEW place for our expanding world to grow, If you like these ideas and our vision then please support us and make a donation today.

Donations can be made at any ASB Bank Branch or online to the NZSA account ; 12-3100-0658049-50 

please make your reference your name.

initials & last Name. 


Scott A Savage 

Phone 06 2811753


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